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You want to find a job. Maybe you have been offered a job. Outside of a corporate exposition from a PR agency, what is the real experience of working for a company, behind closed doors? How are you going to feel if to choose to work for them? Well, what's the impression from people who already work there?


This site is to be used as a resource to help you make an informed decision about your job and prospective employers. It is unique in giving you an insight into their place in the market, their background practices, the kinds of perks they offer, the sense of community, the future job security (who wants to work for a company that's about to go bust?) and job referrals from people who work there, perhaps even doing your job, detailing what it actually feels like.


You are invited to give your impressions of your employer, discretely and anonymously: post job reviews of your company, describe your experiences.


So, search reviews for companies that you are interested in, and ask advice from other people in the working community - all the better for helping you to find a job.


We have a simplified method of using ratings for key areas of employment life, with opportunity for adding details from your job and career as you see fit.


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